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What is this Primary Election really about?

Apparently, a group of people calling themselves “progressives” is attempting to gain County Committee seats on the Camden County Democratic Committee. The so-called progressives post messages and statements on social media suggesting that the Camden County Democratic Committee is engaged in a sophisticated conspiracy to deny the so-called progressives a fair ballot position. The so-called progressives even filed a lawsuit claiming that this was a violation of their constitutional rights.

Here are the real facts. There are over 160,000 registered Democrats in Camden County. The so-called progressives had to do two things in order to have their candidates eligible to participate in the ballot draw this year, (1) find two registered Camden County Democrats to run for freeholder, and (2) get 100 registered Camden County Democrats to sign the nominating petitions. That’s it, 2 people and 100 signatures from a pool of more than 160,000 people.

So, what happened with the so-called progressives? They had to recruit 2 registered Camden County Democrats out of a pool of over 160,000 people and they could not get anyone to sign up. Instead, they recruited former Republicans with questionable backgrounds to run as Democrats. One of those former Republicans certified nominating petitions including forged signatures. The Courts saw through the charade. The lawsuit filed by the so-called progressives was dismissed by the Court without a hearing and summarily dismissed on appeal.

The so-called progressives could not even get the candidates they endorsed on the ballot and their lawsuit was dismissed. Think about it.

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Deputy county clerk finds Dem primary challengers submitted “ill-gotten” petition signatures.

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